About us



The first and foremost goal of the Labit team is to make it effortless for research groups and their research to be discovered by peers and curious minds.

Let us share with you our mission and motivation for creating this platform.

As it is with many ventures, Labit started out of frustration. As researchers ourselves, we were frustrated that laboratories and research groups around the world were working in relative isolation. Their webpages are outdated, unorganized, scattered on the Internet, and in many cases broken. This realization sparked a discussion that led to the creation of Labit.

The most surprising thing is that we have discovered that there are many tools, often with same features, that aim to solve some of the problems researchers are facing. Many companies and non-profit organizations are determined to solve this problem and they have been operating for several years without success. The only thing that these companies and their tools have managed to do is to promote shallow collaboration and even further perpetuate problems that they were/are trying to solve.

We are here to change that.

The Promise:

  • We will always strive to make science open and collaboration effortless. 
  • Your data is yours only. You have a full control over it.
  • If we make mistakes, we will admit them, apologize to you and do our best to fix them.
  • We will be honest with you at all times. And will not try to sneak in any changes related to privacy and how we keep your data without notice.
  • We promise to constantly improve Labit and provide you our best service.

We believe the scientific community can become more united, more efficient, and more transparent. We believe that scientists are the people who invent the future and teach humanity how to dream. We have a vision of the world that works together in an open and meaningful way. Our goal is to make this vision a reality. 

If you believe that every effort to make science open and discoverable is worth a try, then please register on our platform, tell your friends about it and send us feedback. We would love to hear from you! 

Please, Contact Us to make Labit better by kindly providing your feedback.

Join us on our fascinating journey to build the future of science!